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About us

La Ciccia is a cozy and intimate restaurant located on the edge of Noe Valley. Husband and wife owners, Massimiliano Conti and Lorella Degan work together to take you to a culinary journey through the Italian island of Sardinia. The chef is committed to use the freshest and the most authentic ingredients from his native island, resulting in pungent, lively, flavorful food. The all Italian wine list, with over 180 labels selection represent every Region with more than a quarter devote to Sardinia in order to pair the traditional earthy flavors as well seafood influence of Sardinia cuisine. 

La Ciccia is a tribute to Sardinia an experience not to be missed.

Sardinia Regions

Sa Sardigna as I like to call it has all the diversities of a Continent, millenniums of history left in this incredible island precious traditions, arts, lifestyles, languages, sounds and a territory that is different then any other region in Italy.

Sardinia is an Island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea far away from the rest of Italy here the traditions are so strong you can feel in the air, people does not have to pass by Sardinia to go anywhere and not all the streets take you to Sardinia (like the Romans will said for their city), but people come to this island because is different and the isolation from the rest of Europe make it a special place to visit and enjoy. Imagine you arrive in Sardigna and while you come out of the plane the seaís breeze the warm wind and the smell of the myrtle and rosemary kisses your face and Welcomes you wile a glass of fresh and crisp Vermentino is waiting for you a the bar. 

You can stay in Sardigna and visit the many Sardignas (there are 8) each one very different from the other. Letís start with Il Cagliaritano (Sarrabus, Trexenta, Campidano) which is the area around Sardignaís capitol Cagliari, here the flavors come from the sea.  

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La Ciccia Sardinian Restaurant
291 30th / Church Street,
San Francisco, CA 94131 USA
TEL: + 1 (415) 5508114
 Open Tuesday to Saturday 5:30 pm - 10:00pm (Closed Sundays, Mondays and Major Holidays)

Cash, Visa and Master Card Gift Certificates Available