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SF Weekly
- Sardini-Yum! - By Robert Lauriston July 5, 2006

Allow La Ciccia to transport you to a Mediterranean island with flavorful food and vino. The time I spent at La Ciccia was pure pleasure. Go there with a hearty appetite, get yourself a seafood pasta and some vermentino, then the lamb stew and cannonau, and let La Ciccia transport you to Sardinia for a couple of hours.

Magazine - San Francisco
SCENE: It may seem like a cliché, but La Ciccia really is a little piece of Italy transported to SF. EATS: When we say “Italy,” we really mean the Italian island of Sardinia. Even the pizza is distinctively Sardinian, with capers making an otherwise simple cheese pizza stellar. The wine list offers an array of little-known Italian labels. 

Noe Valley Voice - La Ciccia - By Doug Konecky
May 2006
Little-known cuisine from a Mediterranean island. La Ciccia, the first Sardinian restaurant west of Dallas, has opened in the Noe Valley. It is an intimate, 40-seat bistro co-owned by wine connoisseur Massimiliano Conti and his wife Lorella Degan. 

SFBG Logo La Ciccia: Island in the sun - By Paul Reidinger 06-07-2006
The sardine does not, interestingly, loom large on the menu of la Ciccia, a restaurant serving Sardinian cuisine that Massimiliano Conti and Lorella Degan opened toward the end of March in a storefront space at the foot of Church Street.  

La Ciccia: Sardinian Splendor - ByTeddy  Witherington October 12, 2006
The meal I enjoyed on Thursday was both satisfying and sumptuous. The price to quality to quantity ratios are exceptional, and to eat here is to get a true sense of a unique European culture and its food.  

logo.jpgThe great restaurants of SAN FRANCISCO 
La Ciccia
, Noe Valley's newest trattoria, serves up the most exciting Italian food with absolute passion from husband-and-wife owners, Massimiliano Conti and Lorella Degan. La Ciccia is revolutionary in defining casual yet elegant dining, and is an experience not to be missed.

La Ciccia revels in seafaring Sardinian cuisine - By Michael Bauer Sunday, July 16, 2006

A pleasant introduction to the foods of Sardinia. Excellent pizza, pasta and braised seafood dishes. Helpful service. Exceptional Italian wine list. Clearly, passion prevails with the wines, as it does with the food. San Franciscans are always willing to trade glamour for good cooking. At La Ciccia, the tradeoff is more than fair. 

10 Best Italian Restaurants in San Francisco
: Viva La Ciccia! 
Locals happily fatten up on Massimiliano Conti's rich, fresh Sardinian food.    

newspaper logo LA CICCIA, Taste of Sardinia - By Patricia Unterman, June 21,2006
San Francisco’s new Sardinian restaurant, has opened at just the right time for Italian wine and food lovers to take notice. Any seafood dish on the small menu will be terrific.   

CitysearchBest of Citysearch 2006 - La Ciccia Editorial Review - By Lorraine Sanders
The husband and wife duo behind this 40-seat destination bypass the usual suspects from the mainland in favor of Sardinia's culinary traditions and fruits of the vine.  

La Ciccia - Zagat Rated 2006/07/08 
Several regional Italians have recently set up shop in Outer Noe Valley, and this newcomer, billed as the only Sardinian restaurant west of Dallas, extends the trend; while the menu offers several robust, slow-cooked meats ('la ciccia' is slang for 'the belly'), seafood abounds and the decor has subtle aquamarine tone and accents that conjure up seaside life.  

Il Provinciale - By Gianni Avanti, January 01, 2007
Massimiliano Conti da Gonnosfanadiga, in California con l’orgoglio di essere Sardo.

SF Station - San Francisco's City Guide La Ciccia "Savor Sardinia"  By Amy Sherman (Thursday, February 15, 2007)
The menu reflects only the cuisine of Sardinia. There is no Fettucine Alfredo, no Veal Parmigiana, no Insalata Caprese -- but trust us when we tell you -- you won't miss that standard fare. For those who know Italian food and culture, there is much that will bring a smile here. La Ciccia is not just a place to try something new; it's also a place where one can linger and feel at home.

Cooking with Amy: A Food Blog

La Ciccia Restaurant  Friday, February 16, 2007
I love discovering another branch of Italian food. And at La Ciccia I enjoyed the same kind of friendliness and hospitality I remember from my happiest meals in Italy. 

iLLogical News, La Ciccia Food Is Love: - By A. Curatolo, E. Solomon, February 22, 2007

What do you call a cozy Italian restaurant when the chef is the owner, the hostess is his wife, the bread is homemade and the olive oil comes 6,000 miles from the family farm? You call it by the feeling from which has been born, the values with which it conducts itself, and the sentiment with which it leaves you. You call it love. La Ciccia dances and it is not the fox trot. It is a potent dance – one that leaves the guests lingering long after the meal is done. One that is appreciated from the very place from which it came – the heart. Yes, it’s true – food is love and La Ciccia proves it.  

WINECOUNTRY.IT Selection, La Ciccia, Sardinian Restaurant  - By Loris Scagliarini - February 24, 2007 "Sardinian cuisine showcases what the land gives to the people, without being arrogant about it," says Conti. In fact, this is arguably the least pretentious, truest Italian regional restaurant I have ever eaten at on this side of the ocean. 


La Ciccia Sardinian Restaurant
291 30th / Church Street,
San Francisco, CA 94131 USA
TEL: + 1 (415) 5508114
 Open Tuesday to Saturday 5:30 pm - 10:00pm (Closed Sundays, Mondays and Major Holidays)

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