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The East and West PDF Print E-mail
Going west from here we get to our final destination my birthplace Il Sassarese (Anglona, Logudoro, Goceano) a calcareous land of gentles and rolling hills from the beautiful village of Castelsardo (dominated for years first by the Genovesi then by the Spaniard and last by the Savoia) famous for is Castle to the historical town of Sassari where is tradition to elevate to a sophisticated level the simplest ingredients like Le Monzette (delicious snails cooked in different ways) or the Li Pedi DíAgnoni (lambís foots boiled first and then cooked with onions, hot chili peppers, tomatoes and parsley), then west were the beauty of the Hispano-Catalan town of Alghero with is narrow street, the freshest of the seafood, is language, the Torbato and Cagnulari (traditional grapes from this region) and the beautiful coastline take you to unusual and generous places.
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