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Going East from here we arrive to the small and famous region of L’Ogliastra (here people must have the secret of life, in Ogliastra you can find some of the oldest peoples in the World), here it is easy to find the true and simple hospitality with flavors that come from simple recepies like Culurgionis (potato and mint filled ravioli served with a light tomato basil and pecorino sauce) some of the best cured meats, the greatest Pecorino cheese (if a Nobel prize for cheese will exist here will be the winner) and the rich and flavorful Cannonau growing in calcareous soil vineyard located between the mountains and the beautiful coast.

North from here we get in to the Real Sardigna Il Nuorese (Sarcidano, Barbagia, Mandrolisai) this is the region of the tallest mountains in Sardigna where the ancient traditions are pass from generation to generation, here the cuisine and the sounds of the shepherds (Tenores) reign sovereign. The style of cooking is simple; it follows the ritual of the seasons and the typical phrase of this area is Pane e Casu e Binu a Rasu (Bread Cheese and lots of Wine {you got the point}). Just North from Il Nuorese you find La Gallura; you said Gallura and the first thing that comes to mind is the sea, granite, sugheretti (cork wood trees), wind and Jazz (Berchidda a small town inland has a great summer jazz festival {Paolo Fresu birthplace}) this are not only thing you find in this region but thy are a lifestyle. In this region you can find one of the most famous coastline in the world (Costa Smeralda) with great beaches and luxurious hotels or you can hit the road and visit the carateristc Stazzusu (from the Latin word Statio place where you stop or farm-houses) where the culture of sea is arrive just a few centuries ago, here the Suppa Cuatta (traditional soup made with bread, fresh tomatoes, basil, fresh Pecorino cheese and beef broth) is still the Queen of the tables and the Vermentino is the noble wine of the people.

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